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Athena Medical Software offers a suite of solutions that can be customized to fit the needs of any healthcare organization. With access to nearly a hundred million patients and over 100,000 healthcare providers, the software has a broad range of functions and helps diagnose common denials and updates payer policies. Athena Medical Software is the leading provider of healthcare IT, and it has been used by healthcare providers, hospitals, and physicians across the globe for over a decade.

It is highly customizable and has easy-to-use user interfaces. It caters to the different roles of each staff member in a practice. Users report that the software's pending tasks feature helps them prioritize their work. Furthermore, it allows front-office staff to log in to view upcoming appointments, appointment requests, and clinical documents. Users say the support staff is excellent and the software's functionality makes their work easier.

Athena and its compatibility:

Athena Medical Software EHR software works with all major EHR systems, including Epic. Its platform is web-based, which saves the user from the expense of purchasing and maintaining servers. Another bonus is that Athena Medical software integrates with athenaCollector practice management software and Athena Communicator telehealth software, which enable patients to join an appointment without installing any additional software.

Athena One is an intuitive mobile application that helps clinicians to access patient data from anywhere. Its iOS and Android applications sync in real-time, so users can check their schedules, review their inboxes, and prep patient charts. Athena Telehealth, for example, eliminates the need for a third-party telehealth vendor. Its platform includes automated patient outreach, customizable video windows, group video conferences, and integrated billing support.

Athena EHR Clinicals: A network-enabled Electronic Health Record, AthenaClinicals enables physicians and providers to optimize clinical productivity and spend more time with patients. It also provides visibility into economic performance with Athena Medical Software Communicator. Its Population Health solution facilitates price-based reimbursement models and advantages records-pushed insights into patient cases. And it helps providers to provide best-in-class care and maximize revenue.

Athena and its robust functionality:

Athenahealth's practice management software includes web-based software and robust back-office services. The company has no start-up fee and no hidden costs. Its software takes care of a significant portion of the work for doctors, such as submitting claims and checking patient eligibility. Further, AthenaHealth's RCM services eliminate administrative duties, reducing the time and cost of manual work.

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Unlike other medical software, AthenaHealth is extremely customizable. Its report module reaches beyond what is possible in other medical software. It lets users customize and view reports on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis. Moreover, Athenahealth allows users to filter and analyze huge amounts of data. By using data-driven insights, users can identify trends and make better decisions. The revenue overview tool displays how much is being charged versus how much money has been collected and provides insight into recent trends.

Pricing For AthenaHealth EHR is $140 per provider per month, which is $700 monthly for five physicians and $8400 annually. This cost also covers the migration of 1000 patient records and staff training. If you decide to upgrade to AthenaHealth, it costs $9400 for the first year. If your practice is already using another medical software, you can save up to $5,000 by switching to AthenaHealth's software.

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